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Transfer of Students to EHU

The European Humanities University accepts students with incomplete higher education for high residence and low residence bachelor’s programs. According to the decision of the Rectorate, from September 4, 2020, applications for transfer to EHU are accepted on a year-round basis.

An application for admission based on a transfer can be found at the link and sent for consideration to students.requests@ehu.lt, attaching an academic certificate / statement of completed courses.

The European Humanities University provides several financial support options for citizens of Belarus.

1) Citizens and residents of Belarus who are transferred to EHU as a result of political pressure, after they provide documents that are the justification for receiving support. The application and supporting documents should be sent for consideration to office@ehu.lt

2) Students transferring to EHU on a general basis. Each EHU student has the right to participate in the Individual Portfolio Contest, which is held before the start of each academic semester. Based on the results of the Competition, students are eligible to receive a grant to cover 50% or 100% of the tuition fees per semester. You can read more about the Grants Competition and portfolio by clicking on the link.